Louisa (°1992), Brussels 

Combing words and visual elements, graphic storytelling is a very powerfull tool to tell stories. I try to find a balance between the graphic part and the part where I use words. 

One can argue what a story is.
A story does not limit itself to ‘characters’ and ‘plots’. The story has a beginning and an end. 

A graphic story does not limit itself to one medium. It does not limit itself to paper or any other medium.

I like to experiment with visual language. What feeling and rythm can I create in a story using color, lines, emptyness, precarious lines, visual links? 

fields of interest

  • Social scene
  • Plants 
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, lasercutting, internet, 
  • mental development


photoshop, Indesign, illustrator

Experimenting with my own website (this one included) 


– Bachelor Journalism, Erasmushogeschool, Brussels

– Bachelor Graphic Storytelling, luca arts, Brussels


based in Brussels, Belgium


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